Case Study: @2012TicketAlert

The biggest sporting and media event in the world, billions of dollars in marketing and advertising revenue, and one of the biggest crack downs on unauthorised marketing activity ever. Here’s what we did with zero budget and a six-week Digital Engagement campaign.

The Power Of Digital Engagement In Action

One of the downsides to working confidentially alongside our clients is that it’s hard to showcase what Digital Engagement campaigns can do. So over London 2012 our team took up the challenge of promoting a simple ticket alert system with just an in-house Digital Engagement campaign.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Campaign Timeline

The Digital Engagement campaign for the @2012TicketAlert project took place over 6 weeks. Here’s a quick look at the highs (and lows!) of the project, the campaign and the results it achieved.

Sunday 29th July

@2012TicketAlert service goes live on Twitter for the first time

Monday 30th July [Day 1]

Our team start delivery of the Digital Engagement campaign to promote @2012TicketAlert

Tuesday 31st July [Day 2]

Local print and online media run a story on @2012TicketAlert. By the end of the day the service has 250 users

Thursday 2nd August [Day 4 - AM]

BBC London radio interview about the service on the Vanessa Feltz show. Service has 6 000 followers and reached over 100,000 unique people.

Thursday 2nd August [Day 4 - PM]

LOCOG/TicketMaster block access to their website preventing the service accessing information about tickets. We leverage social media to draw media attention and pressure LOCOG into unblocking our access. The service has over 9,000 followers

Friday 3rd August - [Day 5 - AM]

LOCOG are asked about the block in their morning press conference and have a prepared answer for the media (footage courtesy of BBC news)

Friday 3rd August [Day 5]

Media across the world pick up on the story and Adam Naisbitt (Director) is interviewed on BBC News.


Saturday 4th August - [Day 6]

Our team continue the campaign and new media outlets continue to pick up on the story, which is the #1 story on the BBC Technology website over the weekend

Sunday 5th August - [Day 7 - AM]

TicketMaster contact us and ask for copies of our code to review.

Sunday 5th August - [Day 7 - PM]

TicketMaster agree to white-list our access to their server and we’re able to reinstate @2012TicketAlert. BBC News break the story. The service now has over 40,000 users.

Wednesday 8th August - [Day 10]

We launch @2012ParaAlert to help people find tickets for the Paralympics and our Digital Engagement campaign continues to attract worldwide media attention and new users.

Friday 10th August - [Day 12]

Rory-Cellen Jones awards our “very smart folks” the silver medal in the BBC’s “Social Media Olympics” - just behind the entire @TeamGB social media campaign.

Sunday 9th September

At the close of the Paralympics the service had attracted over 100,000 users and reached over 2.5 million people (excluding media reach). We also raised just over £2,000 for the British Olympic Foundation.