Are you an SME looking to create a marketing campaign? Could you be a marketing case study for our upcoming podcast? We’ve created a very special programme worth over £30,000 to help accelerate your marketing and explode your results - and we’d love to talk with you about it. Click to find out more.

A Ready To Go Campaign In Just Five Days

What could you do with a perfectly tuned marketing plan, with every detail designed by our team specifically for your business?

The best way to create a successful marketing campaign

If there's one thing our clients love above anything else, it's our five-day strategy workshop.

Designed by the same people behind the Digital Engagement Framework™, we take you and your team step-by-step through our campaign building process, making sure you leave with both a ready-to-go campaign and the confidence to deliver and manage your marketing.

Whether you're launching a new product, want to breathe new life into an existing campaign, or need to turn around your sales performance or customer retention - in just five days together we could revolutionise your marketing.

It's an intense process that will challenge your team and your business. But if you're serious about your marketing and want to see quick and meaningful results, there is no better way to bring an effective and rewarding campaign to life.
The Programme

What We'll Cover

Session One - Messaging
Identify customer profiles, their reason to buy and the most effective brand voice and messaging strategy.

Session Two - Content
Look at key themes, identify the right formats, themes and topics, and produce a media plan.

Session Three - Social Proof & Stickiness
Add social proof into the content mix, and create ways to keep your messaging in front of your audience.

Session Four - Lead Generation
Identify sources of leads and craft a strategy to optimise both short-term and long-term pipelines.

Session Five - Draw It Together
Turn your strategy into a deliverable plan, identifying any gaps to address and helping assign roles and responsibilities.

Post Workshop
We'll craft the perfect mix of follow-on support to make sure you get the very best results in your business.

Designed to revolutionise your marketing

Our industry is packed with companies offering workshops and bootcamps promising to help you market your business. The trouble is, most fall short when it comes to transitioning what you learn in the classroom into the real world.

That's where this workshop is different.

As well as creating a campaign based on our award winning Framework, we've designed this workshop from the ground up to give you everything you need to succeed in the real world.

From the pre-workshop audit conducted by our team, through each of the five sessions delivered by our externally qualified trainers and individually tailored to your business, to the post-workshop support and accountability coaching - every minute spent with us is designed with one thing in mind, to get the best results for you once you're back in the business.

If you'd like to know more, our Campaign Design Handbook will give you a great introduction to the Digital Engagement Framework™ and the science behind it. And, of course, we're always happy to answer any questions you may have - feel free to get in touch with our team for a no obligation chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our Marketing Strategy workshop? We've tried to answer some of the most common below, or feel free to get in touch for a no obligation chat. We're here to help.
Who is this workshop suitable for?
In a nutshell, anybody who is serious about their marketing and prepared to invest time and energy into it. If you have questions about whether it's suitable for your type of business or worry about your level of expertise, get in touch and we'll explore it with you - with absolutely no obligation.
How many people can attend?
We don't have any hard and fast rules. We've delivered this workshop for solo entrepreneurs and for entire cross-organisational teams. The only piece of advice we'd give is that you only invite people who either have an informed opinion on the decisions you'll be making and/or will be involved in the delivery of the plan. This will help you get the most from your time in each session.
Where does the workshop take place?
We can deliver this workshop in-person (over five sessions) or remotely (split over ten sessions). The remote version is heavier going and, whilst clients rate the outcome of both highly, the feedback we get is that the in-person version is more enjoyable.

In terms of location, you're welcome to come to Milton Keynes or London, or we can travel locally to you and your team.
How much does the workshop cost?
This workshop costs £4,850, with any expenses billed at cost. All costs will be agreed in advance, with no surprises.
How are the sessions spaced out?
Whilst we will create a schedule that fits you and your business, we tend to find the workshop is best delivered back-to-back over five (in person) or ten (remote) days.
What support will I receive after the workshop?
We understand how important it is that you're able to bring what you've learned to life once you're back in the business. Through a combination of on-demand support (over Slack and/or email) and follow up coaching, we'll help you successfully make that transition.
How do I book the workshop?
Get in touch with us and we'll help tailor the workshop to you and your business. Once you're happy with the format and the cost, we take 20% as a deposit at the time of booking and ask that you pay the balance one week before the first session.
What happens if I need to cancel my booking?
We understand that sometimes things change, and we want working with us to be as fair and straight forward as possible. We'll set out all of your cancellation/rescheduling rights in your booking (before you commit) but, in essence, you are able to reschedule your booking or cancel up to one week before the first session is due to begin.
Who delivers the workshop?
All of our Marketing Stategy workshops are delivered by our Founder, Adam Naisbitt. You can find out more about Adam here.
Can I ask you a question?
Of course! You can find all of our contact details in the footer below.

Why DigitallyEngaged?

If you're looking for advice you can trust and a campaign you can believe in, you've come to the right place. We've been catching the eyes - and winning the hearts - of people around the world for over ten years.
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  • quote-type
    The first campaign built on the Digital Engagement Framework™ reached over 2 million people and won headlines worldwide in just 6 weeks.
  • quote-type
    Since Adam has been advising us we have seen very positive growth in our business. I have no hesitation in recommending DigitallyEngaged.
    Mike Rhodes,
  • quote-type
    Over the 2012 Olympics the BBC voted our team the second best social media team in the world - second only to the @TeamGB official campaign!
    BBC News
  • quote-type
    Adam was recommended to me as a guest speaker. He delivered a fantastic session to our 60 Entrepreneurs. He is so knowledgeable and forward thinking and this shone through in his talk.
    Steve Chown,
  • quote-type
    I was recently given the opportunity to hear Adam speak and was absolutely blown away. He was engaging throughout and had the entire audience captivated and hooked on his every word.
    Darren Smith,
  • quote-type
    "One of the UK's leading online marketers"
    Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • quote-type
    Adam’s knowledge and expertise in marketing is second to none. His ability to make marketing simple and easy to understand through the framework he and his team have developed is excellent.
    Andrew Metcalfe,
  • quote-type
    Adam presented to a very tough crowd! From the outset he had our whole attention and delivered impressive insight into marketing, everything was backed up with analysis, thinking and real-world examples.
    Phill Rodgers,
  • quote-type
    There’s no jargon or hype. Instead, with Adam there are ideas, enthusiasm, and smart thinking.
    Adam Moore,
  • quote-type
    "Tech Genius"
    The Independent
  • quote-type
    Adam's clear and detailed explanation has helped us take a huge step forward in our understanding around what we need to do.
    Peter Rice,
  • quote-type
    Adam's training is so easy to understand with great practical tools and insights as to how to market your individual business. Couldn't recommend enough - 5 stars!
    Laura Phelan,
  • quote-type
    What can I say? I'll definitely use Adam's expertise again. As a logical person myself Adam has restored my faith with engaging creative professionals to get outstanding results!
    Angela Armstrong PhD,
  • quote-type
    In 2016 we worked with City & Guilds to develop a new Apprenticeship Programme based on the Digital Engagement Framework™
  • quote-type
    From social media marketing to business building, from solid business ethics through to entrepreneurship, Adam has it all.
    Steve Axtell,
  • quote-type
    "Very smart folks"
    Rory Cellan-Jones,
    BBC Technology
  • quote-type
    An incredibly switched on guy and the knowledge that he and his team have is second to none. On top of this, he's just a superb character that wants to help and he puts 110% into everything he does.
    Yiannis Triplis,
  • quote-type
    Our marketing franchise won the British Franchise Association stamp of approval before it was even launched to the general public. Today that work sits behind our upcoming #TeamDE Academy.
  • quote-type
    His approach is pragmatic and we always have actions to take away that are easy to implement. His depth of knowledge compared to more general consultants has massively helped me.
    Pardip Singhota,
  • quote-type
    Adam is super helpful and knows his stuff inside out. What I really liked about Adam was the fact that he is action focused and likes getting things done.
    Robert Rajeswaran,
  • quote-type
    If you need to know anything about the digital world and business or education then Adam is your man. You will not be disappointed!
    Nigel Adams,
  • quote-type
    Adam always nudges, encourages, challenges as that critical friend to help get the right level of content and knows how to work with you so that you are known as and seen as an expert in your own field.
    Yvette Lamidey,
  • quote-type
    In 2016 Adam was named as part of Marketing Week Live's Leaders’ Network
    Marketing Week
  • quote-type
    Adam's approach to marketing is very refreshing.
    Keith Witchell,
  • quote-type
    Our digital marketing research projects have tackled areas as diverse as education, future career paths and national defence!
  • quote-type
    An inspirational presenter, very professional and down to earth. Adam presented to a room of business start-ups for us and his ability to explain the changing faces of marketing was excellent.
    Rina Lakham,
  • quote-type
    It's clear Adam is very knowledgeable about social media and digital marketing. He is articulate and a personable chap who keeps explanations simple so everyone in the room can understand the subject.
    Ricky Chauhan,
  • quote-type
    Even though he stepped in at the last moment, he was excellent and engaging and took over the role as if he had been there from the start. The audience loved it.
    Justin Willett,
  • quote-type
    In 2014 Adam was invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for his work in marketing.
    The RSA
  • quote-type
    I found Adam's approach really refreshing, I am not IT/Media minded and to be truthful this didn't put Adam off! I now have both the confidence and know how to use my new found knowledge.
    Chris Sheppard,
  • quote-type
    Adam is an outstanding expert who really 'gets' our business. We now feel that we can concentrate on being the best at what we do, while knowing that Adam's team are helping us back that up.
    Anne Hamill,
  • quote-type
    Adam gave an amazing insight into the mind of buyers in today's modern world. We will be implementing and continuing to follow Adams guidance to help our business grow.
    Baljinder Chima,
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Our free Campaign Design Handbook walks you through everything you need to know to understand that change and the steps you need to take to build a marketing strategy that works.

Over 28 pages we show you the exact process we use to create a campaign, the science and research it's built on, and show you how you can use it to get real results from your own marketing - for free.

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